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Why do we need Volunteer Firefighters or Emergency Medical Technicians?

    Many small towns rely on volunteers to provide the fire and Ems services. Our town, thru the Promised Land Volunteer Company and Ambulance Corps, relies on volunteers to provide these services at a moments notice. Whether its a neighbors home on fire, a car accident, a hiker lost in the State Park, a neighbor feeling ill, or a host of other types of incidents, the pager will go off this year 250 - 300 times. A prompt response by trained volunteers to put that fire out, rescue a trapped person or treat and transport the sick is essential to our town.

    If one of these calls was for you or your family, wouldn't you want someone to show up. With an increase in more homes, more full time families, more tourism and expanded responsibilities of the fire company and ambulance corps, more volunteers are needed. That's why "WE NEED YOU". Without your help, there could be no one to respond. Become a member of that special group of volunteers who have worn the gear of a firefighter.   

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